the drawing shed’s PrintBike work “An Assembly of Opinions” was shown throughout August across the window of the People’s Supermarket WC1, as part of the Adhocracy Festival, August 6-7, 2011 @ Rich Mix, Bethnal Green, E1 (

FOR THE CENTRAL WINDOW, Labern+Lloyd mono-printed images of food aid, barricades of white sacks, body bags, oil… as ‘one offs’ in repeat patterns on British newspapers carrying stories of world political crises …

The use of the mono print acts as a contradiction to the continual occurrence of media reporting on the ‘natural disaster’ of man made world famine, creating a work that is eerily poetic, ghostly even & draws the viewer in to read critical fragments of reportage juxtaposed with recurring  world famine & so exposing/inviting the connections.

On July 28th, the drawing shed artists Sally Labern and Bobby Lloyd took PrintBike to The Peoples Supermarket ( to workshop on the street for eight hours. Inviting members, shoppers and passersby to make a mono-print of a staple food found in the shop, while at the same time drawing focused attention to the war and famine in Somalia, the day generated an incredible two hundred prints. Yellow paper and black ink were used as a visual connection with the supermarket’s own branding and the work linked to the shop’s appeal for donations for Somalia through the DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal.