Cultural Wellbeing 2013

bride and bike01.small

Image from post 2011 riot exchange on the estate during the E17 Art Trail.

In September 2013, we were invited by Wandsworths Arts Council to join other artists, academic and cultural commentators and leaders Cultural Well Being Provocation Lunch on SW11 to discuss what the term ‘cultural wellbeing’ might mean and how it can (or not!) be useful for the work of arts and culture leaders. Bobby gave one of the provocations in response to the questions.

The key objectives of this project were to explore and come to some fluid conclusions about what we mean by cultural well-being in Wandsworth and further afield – moving towards a possible working definition.
The questions were:

  • How can a clear understanding of cultural well-being inform work across a broad range of areas including: Public Health, public realm and environmental design, place-making and regeneration, participatory arts practice…?
  • How can we most effectively measure and evaluate the impact of ‘cultural well-being’ initiatives?

This is the wdwth_wellbeing_final-3 document that came out of the process.