Day 7: The Day of Small Conversations – an invitation




Question : How does ‘thinking through making’ take contemporary form when collective resistance comes into the frame? Does art in these critical times always have to attend to a community of resistance?

Join: The Day of Small Conversations on Tuesday June 9th, creating space for small group discussions on four floors of Pump House Gallery, London, on a range of ideas, questions and themes proposed in each group in the first instance by ‘an artist and a thinker’; Your voice, along with other artists, local people, critical theorists, architects, activists, public and mental / health professionals, will be vital in adding to ideas for Possible Projects On the Horizon.

Also: films, soapbox (made in our open arts lab over the previous 3 days), a communal lunch provided in the park, wine /soft drinks at the end of the day and time for more informal networking.