Public Signage Project – Twitter on The Drive One, 2010

measuring up
Through PrintBike, the central piece of work within the drawing shed’s Well London / Arts Council England-funded BCBW project during 2010, Sally Labern and Bobby Lloyd led and delivered a series of workshops with children and adults to make a giant WordSearch in the form of 15 posters using mono-print and print-blocks, each bearing a different letter from the alphabet. These were velcroed to 15 of the huge and barely tolerated existing signs traversing the two estates that are separated in part by their architectural difference and a long wide road.
With a sheet of paper to hand, families had to scavenge the estates to find all 15 signs, writing down the letters and unravelling them to discover the phrase: ‘No Place Like Home’. The WordSearch and other posters also formed the drawing shed’s contribution to the E17 Art Trail. This journey across into the other estate was a first for some families who described being shocked by differences in what they found as well as (our perceived sense of their) relief that they had made that particular journey. This beginning has set the conceptual marker for the PrintBike project as it moves forward.

making hats to me - our first poster
making ‘hats to me’ – our first poster

drawing hats to me

hats to me
hats to me: the first hand-made poster!

using Victorian letter blocks

using Victorian letter blocks
Letter ‘A’

'n' in 'no place like home' word search
‘n’ in ‘no place like home’ word search

Each family that found the phrase “No Place Like Home” received a small bag of wooded dollshouse furniture which they used in a drawing workshop, setting up individual stage sets that represented ‘home’.

'no place like home' workshop: arranging furniture
‘no place like home’ workshop: arranging furniture