Trip to the Painted Desert, Qatar, 2009

Following her contribution as artist-in-residence and consultant to the design and build team at St Andrews, Bobby Lloyd was invited in 2009 to visit the Heart of Doha site and contribute to a strategy for searching for and documenting objects found within the demolition process of the city centre of Doha, Qatar. This brief visit resulted in a found objects strategy document and short animated film – still images below. The title for the latter comes from the fragment found in the rubble of the Momart art warehouse fire. The letters, found in a skip on site, previously belonged to a building on Kahraba Street, the main shopping road in Doha city centre.  Over two days, Lloyd worked with these letters in situ to make a series of word anagrams within the rubble, photographing each word in turn, and attracting interest from the demolition workers who contributed their own words to the developing art-piece. Later the letters were taken off to the ‘found objects’ store.

This first visit lead to a follow-up investigative site visit by the drawing shed, January 2011, with the additional aim of supporting an artist-residency and community engagement programme.